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Great yield potential and excellent malt quality attributes.

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  • Best FHB resistance in its class with superior yield and short, strong straw.
  • High yielding
  • Short, strong straw
  • Heavier and plumper kernels
  • Higher malt extract and friability
  • Lower wort viscosity and beta glucan conten
  • Malt quality similar to AC Metcalfe
  • Included on the CMBTC variety recommended list

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2021 Seed Manitoba Info

Site Years 41
Yield 106 bu/ac
Protein 12.4%
Maturity +/- 88 days 0
Height +/- 89cm -3
Rough or Smooth Awns Rough
Lodging Good
Loose Smut Susceptible
Surface-borne Smut Resistant
Root Rot Moderately Susceptible
Netted Net Blotch Intermediate
Spotted Net Blotch Moderately Resistant
Spot Blotch Moderately Resistant
Stem Rust Moderately Resistant
FHB Moderately Resistant

Created by Nathan McLaren - nathanmclaren.ca