AAC Douglas


AAC Douglas is a high β-glucan white hulled oat with high grain yield potential and excellent groat percentage. AAC Douglas performed best in the rust zone of the eastern Prairies and would be a potential Summit replacement. AAC Douglas is rated resistant to smut and moderately resistant to oat crown rust and FHB. AAC Douglas has performed very well in provincial variety trials and looks to be well- suited for production across all western Canada.


  • High beta-glucan
  • High grain yield potential - 104% Summit
  • Good lodging resistance, better than the checks
  • Resistant to smut
  • Moderately resistant to crown rust and FHB
  • White hull

Neutral Traits

  • Intermediate resistance to stem rust and barley yellow dwarf virus (BYVD)
  • Medium height, -2 cm to AC Morgan and +4 cm to Summit


  • Slightly higher % thins and lower % plump than the mean of the checks

Availability: Good

2021 Seed Manitoba Info

Site Years 16
Yield 159 bu/ac
Maturity +/- 96 days -2
Height +/- 84cm +3
Test Wt. +/- 39.3 lb/bu -1
% Hull 25.9
Hull Colour White
Lodging Good
Smut Resistant
Crown Rust Moderately Resistant
Stem Rust Intermediate
Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Intermediate

Parentage: OT7070/CS Camden

Created by Nathan McLaren - nathanmclaren.ca