AAC Synergy


A Great Combination of Malt and Agronomics

AAC Synergy sets a new yield standard for two row malt barley in Western Canada. It offers a favourable quality profile that includes relatively low protein with high plump, high extract and low beta-glucan levels, complementing a good foliar disease package. AAC Synergy combines great yield potential with favourable quality for the malt market.


  • Broadly adapted across Western Canada
  • Listed as a recommended variety by the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre with “Established Market Demand”
  • Great yield potential, 13% higher than AC Metcalfe and 10% higher than CDC Copeland*
  • Unique quality profile that lends to both the adjunct and craft brewing markets
  • Higher extract than AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland with lower beta-glucan levels
  • Surpassed AC Metcalfe in two row malt barley acres

Availability: Tight

2021 Seed Manitoba Info

Site Years 44
Yield 113 bu/ac
Protein 12.2%
Maturity +/- 88 days 0
Height +/- 89cm -2
Rough or Smooth Awns Rough
Lodging Good
Loose Smut Susceptible
Surface-borne Smut Intermediate
Root Rot Intermediate
Netted Net Blotch Moderately Resistant
Spotted Net Blotch Resistant
Spot Blotch Resistant
Stem Rust Moderately Resistant
FHB Intermediate

Parentage: TR02267/Newdale

Created by Nathan McLaren - nathanmclaren.ca