CDC Endure


CDC Endure is a exciting new oat variety from Dr. Aaron Beattie of University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Center. CDC Endure sets a new benchmark for yield and quality across western Canada and will be a oat variety that growers will choose to grow for many years.

CDC Endure Features

  • Top yielding line across all of western Canada outyielding AC Morgan and CS Camden in 2019 MCVET, SKVPG and ABRV trials
  • Strong Standability
  • Earlier Maturity than CS Camden
  • High test weights
  • Consistently high Beta-glucan content

Availability: Good

2021 Seed Manitoba Info

Site Years 24
Yield 161 bu/ac
Maturity +/- 96 days -1
Height +/- 84cm +13
Test Wt. +/- 39.3 lb/bu -1.1
% Hull 20.9
Hull Colour White
Lodging Very Good
Smut Resistant
Crown Rust Moderately Resistant
Stem Rust Susceptible
Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Intermediate

Parentage: OT590/CDC Dancer

Created by Nathan McLaren -