AAC Douglas

  • AAC Douglas is a high beta-glucan white hulled oat with high grain yield potential and excellent groat percentage
  • Performed best in the rust zone of the eastern Prairies and would be a potential Summit replacement
  • Rated resistant to smut and moderately resistant to oat crown rust and FHB
  • Performed very well in provincial variety trials and looks to be well-suited for production across all western Canada
  • Currently undergoing milling evaluations


CDC Endure

  • Top yielding line across all of Western Canada - outyielding AC Morgan and CS Camden in 2019 MCVET, DKVPG, and ABRV trials
  • Strong standability
  • Earlier maturity than CS Camden
  • High test weights
  • Consistently high beta-glucan content


CS Camden

  • Very high yields, shorter stature with better lodging resistance.
  • High leaf biomass, and better grain quality than Triactor - higher % plump, less thins, high beta-glucan.
  • Approved milling variety.

Created by Nathan McLaren - nathanmclaren.ca